Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Things You Can Find...

Well, a huge shout-out to Annie for posting the blog about free Christmas cards from Shutterfly! I never know about these things until after the fact and i am so excited that i read the blog before Christmas was over.
So, we have some options: Our amazing tree that is only amazing because Owen decorated it all by himself and only put ornaments on the bottom could be part of the card...what do you think?

Wait, before we get into that lets think about what kind of card. i am for the easy approach and would love to just send out pictures with printed words, but will you all be offended if there isn't something personal?

These were three that i liked, but really, there are 803 to choose from! its going to take a while to narrow it down. I'm sure that over the next couple of days my mind will change at least ten times.
Now back to subjects for the pics. I'm more of a candid kinda person. here we have Owen sleeping/praying:
And Ed passed out after a hard day of walking, yes -- he is finally walking! Only about five steps until he falls, but better than nothing.
Or we have my favorite choice:
Comment, email, call, you're the ones that have to live with these pictures so what do you want?
Oh, i know what you want -- you want to have the same excitement i am having and make your own cards. well, I'm ok with that as long as i get one. here are some links to help you on your way:

Join the Fun!
803 Christmas Cards
Calendars (Kathy would like this one, ok, she probably has already been there:)
Photo Book (It's my New Year's goal to create one of these - wish me luck!)

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  1. I like the one with lots of pictures-the more the merrier (perfect for the holiday :)) or the one with three down the side and the Christmas tree. I just want a lot of pictures of you guys cause i miss you!